1955. It’s springtime in New York and unseasonably balmy. Cherry blossoms dot Central Park with pale pink, and “Melody of Love” drifts from the radio. And twenty-eight year old Marilyn had just moved to New York after breaking her contract with Twentieth Century Fox.


While variants of it appeared slightly earlier, the “privilege” critique as we know it today began in the spring of 2012, with the backlash to Lena Dunham’s HBO series, Girls.


The Five Invitations are my attempt to honor the lessons I have learned sitting bedside with so many dying patients… Witnessing the process of dying we come into contact with life’s precarious nature and also its preciousness. Then we don’t want to waste a minute. We want to enter our life fully and use it in a responsible way.


Want to Fix Our Health Care System?

by Dr. Richard Horowitz

Time to Address Emerging Infections and Environmental Toxins: Let the CDC and EPA Do Their Job!


Hope is not an insignificant paradigm. It is important because “hope not only facilitates attaining a goal when that goal is unimpeded, it also helps individuals better cope when negative events or feelings arise.”


Get Well Soon

by Jennifer Wright

When I tell people that I am writing a book on plagues, well-meaning acquaintances suggest I add a modern twist. Specifically: “You know, like how we’re all on our cell phones all the time.”


If the Oceans Were Ink

by Carla Power

When I was eleven years old, I bought a tiny book containing a verse from the Quran from a stall outside a Cairo mosque. The amulet was designed to be tucked into a pocket to comfort its owner throughout the day. I was neither Muslim nor literate in Arabic; I bought it not for the words inside but for its dainty proportions.