In that empty lobby, I gazed at them for a long time and asked myself: who could murder an entire family with a sushi knife and pillow, then leave in broad daylight?


Strangers in a Strange Land

by Charles J. Chaput

The reason the Christian faith doesn’t matter to so many of our young people is that—too often—it didn’t really matter to us. Not enough to shape our lives. Not enough for us to suffer for it.


We need thinkers. Angry thinkers, sure. But also thinkers who have patience enough to puzzle out the problems beneath the sensation, the titillation, that fuels our culture of online outrage.


Policing in the Trump Era

by Barry Friedman and Thought Matters

Barry Friedman is a leading authority on constitutional law, policing, criminal procedure, and the federal courts, and the founding director of the Policing Project. Ahead of the publication of his new book, Unwarranted: Policing Without Permission, we asked him a series of questions about his motivations for writing the book, policing after Ferguson and Snowden, the role of the technology, and policing under Trump.


It Takes a School

by Jonathan Starr

My time in Somaliland has transformed me into my own brand of extremism. The school’s success is my singular goal, and its failure my only fear.


Quest to Learn

by Asi Burak and Laura Parker

One chilly morning last January, twenty-five eighth-graders sat on the floor of a classroom in a brick building in Manhattan’s Chelsea district, shouting at each other. They were playing a game called Socratic Smackdown, which calls for group of four students to debate the meaning of a particular text in front of their peers.


Clinton’s was a presidency of many notable accomplishments, especially with regard to the economy. But easily his most notable accomplishment was simply surviving—and, just as with that ram, often emerging with surprisingly few injuries.