If the Oceans Were Ink

by Carla Power

When I was eleven years old, I bought a tiny book containing a verse from the Quran from a stall outside a Cairo mosque. The amulet was designed to be tucked into a pocket to comfort its owner throughout the day. I was neither Muslim nor literate in Arabic; I bought it not for the words inside but for its dainty proportions.


It Takes a School

by Jonathan Starr

My time in Somaliland has transformed me into my own brand of extremism. The school’s success is my singular goal, and its failure my only fear.


Quest to Learn

by Asi Burak and Laura Parker

One chilly morning last January, twenty-five eighth-graders sat on the floor of a classroom in a brick building in Manhattan’s Chelsea district, shouting at each other. They were playing a game called Socratic Smackdown, which calls for group of four students to debate the meaning of a particular text in front of their peers.


Clinton’s was a presidency of many notable accomplishments, especially with regard to the economy. But easily his most notable accomplishment was simply surviving—and, just as with that ram, often emerging with surprisingly few injuries.


The True Flag

by Stephen Kinzer

How should the United States act in the world? Americans cannot decide. For more than a century we have debated with ourselves. We can’t even agree on the question.


My Life, My Love, My Legacy

by Coretta Scott King as told to the Reverend Dr. Barbara Reynolds

As a faithful teenager, it was hard for me to reconcile the lessons of Christian living I learned in church with the way whites who also called themselves Christians behaved toward us.


For the United States, trading with China not only saved but helped shape the new republic. America’s discovery of the China market was integral to the rise of the United States.